Therapy Services

  • Individual person-centered psychotherapy
  • Group therapy:
    • Voice Work: work with other voice hearers in a small, supportive group using innovations from research & the self-help community. Conversation with your voices can be a path to understanding feelings & experiences.
    • Exploring Beliefs: small-group work to build greater trust & support for oneself & others.
  • Home & community-based sessions are available when needed

Interventions build upon 16 years of experience as well as specialized training in the following therapeutic modes:

  • Trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBT-p)
  • Dialogic family therapy (including Finnish Open Dialogue)
  • Voice Profiling & Voice Dialogue
  • The "Meaning of Voices" approach to disruptive voice-hearing
  • Group therapy
  • Transtheoretical treatment integration

Workshops & Training

I provide informational lectures & workshops on exciting innovations in psychosis recovery. This exciting area of clinical work has seen major breakthroughs in the past 25 years — unfamiliar to most Americans, these developments offer a much more hopeful prospect for ‘psychosis’ than previously assumed. I am well-versed in the research, clinical, and client-narrated literature on a wide variety of issues related to psychosis treatment & recovery. Workshops are interactive, with illustrative film clips, case histories, exercises, & therapy vignettes & demonstrations. The curriculum can be selected from among the following topics:

  • Controversies surrounding the 'schizophrenia' construct
  • Widely differing rates of recovery from 'schizophrenia' across cultures
  • Problems with genetic theories, the dopamine hypothesis, & the mouse model of 'schizophrenia'
  • What does research really say about the precursors of psychosis?
  • Factors associated with recovery from 'schizophrenia'
  • How to normalize symptoms of psychosis & reduce alienation & self-stigma
  • Eminent people who had symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Innovations in recovery from schizophrenia:
    • Self-help movement
    • The "meaning of voices" approach: how symptoms make sense in the context of life experiences
    • Voice Profiling
    • Voice Dialogue
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-P): Research & application
    • Mindfulness, acceptance, & psychosis
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Mindfulness, acceptance, & psychosis
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Finnish Open Dialogue (family therapy)