Is it possible to recover from serious mental health issues - including psychosis or other deep transformation? The surprising answer is often yes. Open, empathic, psychologically safe therapy can often resolve what we call “schizophrenia” and other distressing experiences. This is “surprising and baffling” even to people who pioneered some of these approaches (Seikkula & Arnkil, 2014).

Research shows that supportive relationships and dialogues can be significantly more effective than medication-centered approaches to all kinds of distress. As my colleague, Dan Fisher, PhD, MD, a psychiatrist long recovered from severe schizophrenia, says: “I’m a Board-certified psychiatrist. I prescribe medications. But I tell people, ‘These won’t solve your problems. You will solve your problems. These can give you some time, but you are the one who will solve your problems’.”

I focus on your therapy goals in a spirit of safety, transparency, and care. I have 25 years experience and extensive training supporting people with:

  • psychosis
  • loneliness and isolation

Psychotherapy can help you:

  • Gain compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand the meaning and purpose of distress or “symptoms”
  • Find a more true voice and sense of empowerment
  • Find greater acceptance of things that cannot be changed
  • Learn ways to support and encourage yourself whatever happens
  • Create closer, more meaningful relationships
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