• Relationship-centered help with depression - anxiety - psychosis
  • Open Dialogue family therapy
  • Innovative ways of working with unusual beliefs and voices
    • the “meaning of voices” approach
    • dialogue with voices
    • psychodynamic exploration of life problems leading to psychosis
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBT-p)


Innovations in Recovery From Psychosis:

  • New Paradigms for Understanding and Helping
  • Two day training on effective ways to connect with people experiencing psychotic crisis


For Limited or Full Licensure in Psychology

Expertise in working with crisis, depression, voices and unusual beliefs, community mental health practice


Experienced with a variety of psychodiagnostic instruments for personality assessments, treatment planning, and differential diagnosis, including MMPI-3, MCMI-III, and Rorschach (Exner). NOTE: I do not do assessment for "ADD" or "ADHD" diagnosis.


  • Doctor of Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • State of Michigan, Full Licensure in Clinical Psychology
  • Certification: Open Dialogue family therapy
    • Institute for Dialogic Practice, Haydenville, MA
  • Facilitator: Hearing Voices Network
    • Gail Hornstein, PhD, Jacqui Dillon
  • Facilitator: Maastricht Interviews for Voices and Paranoia
    • Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Centers
  • Voice Profiling and Voice Dialogue
    • Ron Coleman, Working to Recovery
  • Extensive self-training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis
  • Supervision in evidence-based psychodynamic therapy for people diagnosed with schizophrenia

Open Dialogue documentary: Interviews with Finnish therapists who created this highly effective approach. (Describes shorter term outcomes under ideal conditions - recovery estimates outside Finland and National Health Services are significantly lower). 2010, 75 min.